1. My view today, today I’ve relaxed and been lazy.

  2. My view today, today I’ve relaxed and been lazy.


  4. First day on the job was fucking awesome! Was awkward at first, but everyone was so welcoming and relaxed.

    Not to mention all the possible and future events coming up!

    I am really blessed at the moment.

    No way will I be wasting this opportunity!

  5. Seeing this when I go to the public library makes the experience that much better!

    Check out the artist! He’s from Perth, Western Australia and is known world wide!

    Artist- Stormie Mills

    Oh! By the way, when he and I were having a chat while he was still painting this, he showed me his grillz! Stormie Mills has gold grillz haha

  7. Cold days spent with the people I love and cherish most!

  8. So, it was my Birthday yesterday.

    Basically, I very rarely receive Birthday presents from anyone, so to have my dad buy this for my Birthday completely shocked me!

    It’s such an awesome gift! It’s so handy, and most of all portable.

    It’s Bluetooth connected,charges your iphone/iPad/iPod etc and is just a wonderful gift.

  10. ibelieveinjimmoriarty:

    This sums up my relationship with most people I know.

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  11. I don’t understand why I gave up exercising. I used to horse ride, play hockey, volleyball and netball.

    Now I do nothing, I guess my depression got the best of me.

    Now, I’ve been walking/running every night for the past week and I feel fantastic.

    Obviously it isn’t a lot. But I feel so refreshed and I wonder why I let myself become so lazy.

    I even bought a bike an I can’t wait to get into shape again.

  12. gothiccharmschool:

    Today is the sort of day where I need to look at cute red pandas. Yes. 

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  13. Francois Nars photographed the most beautiful faces in the business with no makeup: Adriana Lima, Devon Aoki, Maggie Rizer, & Naomi Campbell. 

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  15. foxyclock:

    one thing girls have real solidarity on is their periods:

    • we dont judge someone if they prefer pads or tampons over the other
    • we always have extras and we’re always willing to give them to a girl in need
    • we teach each other about cramp remedies and how to get out bloodstains
    • we do pants checks for each other

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